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1st East Hagbourne Brownies & Guides Message Board

Food for the Wedding party

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Original Author
Scarlett Gunning-jonesPosted : 11.04.2011 17:49    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

Scarlett is bringing jelly if it sets ! and fairy cakes a water mellon along with union jack flags

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Christina SweeneyPosted : 10.04.2011 14:01    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

Catherine and Elizabeth will bring Jelly

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Brown Owl
Posted : 10.04.2011 10:24    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

Thanks Helen that would be great!

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Chloe BoffinPosted : 09.04.2011 19:30    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

It's not on the list but shall I send chloe with some crisps /snacks to go with the other items?

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Anna DaveyPosted : 08.04.2011 14:40    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

I'll send Molly and Alice with sausage rolls and cornish pasties. Anna x

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Jette SeymourPosted : 03.04.2011 15:21    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

I'll provide some scotch eggs and sausages. Anja and Rhiannon.

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Claire LawtonPosted : 02.04.2011 07:40    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

I am happy to make a Victoria Sandwich. Claire Lawton

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Gabriella IresonPosted : 29.03.2011 10:37    Reply To : Food for the Wedding party

I am happy to provide Gaby with scones and meringue for the party with jam and cream

Carole Ireson

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Tawny OwlPosted : 24.03.2011 19:35    Original Subject : Food for the Wedding party

The Guides planned a menu for the Wedding party during their meeting last week. Due to it being for both the Brownies and Guides it was felt that if everyone could bring a dish it would help us not to use all our money on one meeting.
Below is a list of the food the girls thought of, but if you can think of anything else which fits the theme or enjoy making then please feel to suggest this as an option also.

If you would like to contribute if you reply to this message then others can see what has already been catered for.

Many Thanks

Coronation chicken sandwiches
Victora sponge
Welsh cakes
Cornish pasties
Party sausages
Scotch eggs
Mini meringues
Jelly suprise
Sausage rolls

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