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Brownie & Guide Blogs - Leaders Group

11.01.2011 : Happy New Year !

A very happy New Year!!!
I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and the girls liked their Christmas presents. :-) January 2011 is our fourth year running East Hagbourne Brownies and I have no idea where the time has gone!
Looking around me this evening there was just one face left from our original eleven. The last to make her promise and the last to leave at the end of this term.
It got the leaders thinking about how much we have done and what we have achieved so far.
The list of badges certainly is quite exhaustive and I really like the fact that we aim to try and complete an interest badge as a pack at least each term!!! (I love getting the new interest badges, and yes, I get them too if I complete all the clauses with the girls so that I can sew them on to my camp blanket!!!!!) Ok, so I'm a big kid. What can I say?!! ;-) Anyway, with all the reminiscing going on we started to hark back to when we ourselves were all Brownies and what we used to do.
Tawny even produced a Brownie board game from her possessions!!! (quite impressive, eh?) We realised (quite sadly) that some of the lovely traditions and badges have been lost to time.
So, we took the opportunity at the last planning meeting to read up a little more on what had replaced the footpath, roadway and highway badges we used to work towards each year. (Remember those ones, ladies?!!??) The Brownie Adventure and Adventure On badges! Ok. Right.
Being still a relatively newish pack, we've not really had a chance to fully get to grips with planning in these badges, that is, until now!!
We took a look at the current programme and have juggled things around so that we will now always have, at least once a term, a dedicated evening where the girls can concentrate on working through their Adventure and Adventure On books.
We are asking the parents to purchase these books (as they do in the other Brownie Packs in the Division) so that they can complete these very special Brownie Badges during their time with us.
The badges also give the girls a taster of what it is like to work towards the types of badges the Guides complete too since the emphasis is very much on them taking charge and making their own decisions - something we really encourage in Guiding and one of the 'five essentials' we structure our meetings around.
With all that in the schedule and with the chat about 'when I was a Brownie' over and done with, what else was there to plan for but to start work towards the Brownie Traditions badge this term??!!! After all, some traditions need to be kept......

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