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Brownie & Guide Blogs - Leaders Group

15.12.2010 : Christmas!!

"Oh what fun it is to ride......"
"Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..."
Anyone for a spot of karaoke?!
What a load of 'x' factor potentials we have at Brownies!!!
Far from reaching for the ear plugs, (although there were a few choice high notes that could have benefitted from a small piece of foam in each ear at times, it must be said!) the girls were wonderfully tuneful and sang their hearts out to some fav festive songs.
We had lots of fizzy pop and naughty chocs (well it is nearly Christmas, after all...) and finished the night with some 'up to date' Now 77 music where we screamed along to Katy Perry's 'Firework' several times.
With presents handed out (Brown Owl was spoilt too - thank you girls!) and a tearful farewell to two more Brownies who are too old to stay with us, in the words of my mate Gordon; "Christmas term? Done!!!"

Brown Owl also has a big thank you to say to all of her wonderful Brownies for having such a brilliant Centenary year and a whopping big thank you to all the adult leaders too who make it possible to run the pack each week.
It couldn't be done without them giving up the time to not only be at the weekly meetings but to help out with all the forward planning too.
Thank you to my wonderful Tawny Owl, Barney, Raven, Lizzy and Pack Leader Bex.
You're all Christmas stars in my eyes!!!! (Did you like the pun?!!) Happy Christmas to all and to all, goodnight. Xxx

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