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Brownie & Guide Blogs - Leaders Group

14.12.2011 : Merry Christmas !

Ho ho ho - Merry Christmas everyone!
Another jam-packed few weeks have been crammed into this past term, which has seen the Brownies complete their 'Swiss Challenge' badge (a very sweet and chocolatey affair that was thoroughly enjoyed by all) and the Guide unit complete their very first "Go For It - Passion for Fashion" challenge, which ended in the grand finale fashion show and raised the unit a WHOPPING £140, with which lots of lovely new equipment chosen by and especially for the Guides' use will be purchased in the New Year!!
The show was fantastic and the Guides worked their socks off to produce a wonderful evening of entertainment.
Each of the girls manned a stall during the interval, from the very popular cake stall to the doubly popular jewellery stall table, lucky dip, find the bear and lucky lolly stall - not to mention the countless cups of teas and coffees purchased from the kitchen area.
I know Rachel and I were both SO proud of everyone who took part and paraded their jewellery, bears (and outfits made from the unit holiday) hats and clothes that they purchased with just £3 each from charity shops to customise, re-vamp and parade and their Christmas outfits.
A very big thank you to everyone who came to support us and celebrate this first big milestone!
Talking of milestones, I was caught completely off guard myself at the fashion show when I was presented with my 5 year long service award by our District Commissioner Kathleen who 'happened' to pop by and visit us for the evening!
A very bright red Brown Owl stood in front of everyone to receive the badge and I'd just like to take the opportunity now (I was a little lost for words at the time!) to thank everyone who has helped to support me during that time and grow Guiding in Hagbourne and the Millbrook District.
I'm looking forward to the next 25 years too - I like the look of the badges!!
Such a child still!!!
The last trip out was to decorate our Christmas tree at St.Andrew's.
The Brownies spent one of their evenings making some wonderful Christmas tree decorations out of old recycled CD's and sparkled them up with a lot of glitter and glitz and some Guides and Brownies came along to the church this evening to decorate the tree! My word is it bright!
The tree has turned out to be the most BLING of all in the church too!!
Pics can be found in the gallery.
If there was a prize for most fully dressed I'm pretty sure we'd win!!
Anyway, here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year. :-) Have fun over the festive period and don't forget the Ring and Sing judging service at the church on the 20th!

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