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About 1st East Hagbourne Brownies & Guides

The 1st East Hagbourne Brownie Pack was formed in November 2006 by Penny, Gill and Sally.

Penny had moved to East Hagbourne earlier in 2006 as a newly qualified Guider, and was sad to see that no Brownie Pack existed in the village that she could join in with. So, she contacted the local Division Commissioner and asked whether one could be set up (whilst helping out with the Ladygrove Brownies in the short term).

The recruitment started (both girls and leaders!) and leaflets were distributed in the local schools to see whether there were enough interested girls to start a pack.

An open evening took place for parents and their daughters to find out what being a Brownie was all about, and some activities were run for the girls to join in with whilst Commissioners and Leaders spoke to the parents about the five essentials and the term programme ideas.

Interest was positive, so the next stage was to fundraise and secure enough money to open a unit.

With the help of Webb Ivory catalogue money, a Parish Council donation and some money from the District, enough was secured and in January 2007, with just eleven girls ranging in ages between nearly seven and up to nine, and one fourteen year old Young Leader, the first ever 1st East Hagbourne Brownie meeting was held!

The rest, as they say, ......!

We've been open for nearly four years now and have already done and achieved so much! We have seen our first seven year olds grow up and leave this year (much to Brown Owl's sadness but years of joy at seeing them all grow) and we have had our first ever Brownie who made her promise at 1st East Hagbourne come back as a Guide and be our Pack Leader.

Our fourteen year old Young Leader has turned eighteen and is still with us too, completing her adult Leadership qualification.

We've also been blessed with Tawny Owl, who moved to the area and joined us in 2008. Rachel has brought with her brilliant and wonderful ideas and experience and we are truly lucky to have her complete our little team!

We've organised trips to safari parks, theme parks and theatres.
We've abseiled and climbed one day, and then been pampered and preened the next.
We run pack holidays, sleepovers and go on Brownie camps!
We've even won the District Sports Day Cup three years in a row!

The fun is endless!!!

New girls of any age between 7-10 are always welcome to join in the fun - and we're always grateful to welcome new adult leaders too. So why not look us up and visit our "Contact Us" page to find out more and get involved? We'll look forward to it!!

Useful Info

Pack Meeting Dates 2014-15 :

Autumn 2014 :
Mon 1st Sep 2014 to
Mon 15th Dec 2014
Half Term :
Mon 27th Oct 2014

Spring 2015 :
Mon 5th Jan 2015 to
Mon 23rd Mar 2015
Half Term :
Mon 16th Feb 2015

Summer 2015 :
Mon 13th Apr 2015 to
Mon 16th Jul 2015
Half Term :
Mon 25th May 2015
May Day : Holiday
Mon 4th May 2015